A Year Later, a Bibliobicicleta reflection.

Exactly a year ago, Bibliobicicleta was 241% funded on Kickstarter.  A year later, it still feels unreal.

The support keeps coming and our bonds continue to strengthen.  “Backers” of the Bibliobicicleta continue to reveal themselves in unexpected ways:


– Grandparents with their grandchildren reading Bibliobicicleta books next to Stow Lake.  Check out other photos from the Bibliobici Extravaganza in Golden Gate Park last Veteran’s Day.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 4.59.05 PM

– A note from a Bibliobici patron who gifts our books to his students as an incentive.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 5.04.14 PM

– An article by Brett Leader in SOMA Magazine, Megan Moura Photography.  Humbled by friends who believe in my passion as much as I believe in theirs.


– Meeting people through Bibliobicicleta that allow for new community partnerships.  Met the manager of the Academy of Sciences at Mission Sunday Streets, now am able to be in front of Cal Academy of Science, with books newly donated by ’em.


– Continued support and new friendships with my co-librarians Danielle F. and Jay S.  and all other regular Panhandle residents and visitors. They roll up to provide security and laughs and renew the drive for Bibliobici to stand there every Tuesday night.

The best part of Bibliobicicleta is that we get to meet people who love reading and are spreading that enthusiasm by voicing our mission to inspire a love for literacy and lifelong learning.

As we reflect on a year passed since the funding of Bibliobicicleta, I look forward to and commit to promoting a love of learning and literacy. Page by page, book by book, pedal by pedal in places we’ve only dreamed of bringing Bibliobici to, however we have to get there.

A special shout out to other unique mobile libraries who have been doing this in ways that far exceed what we have and continue to, our inspirations:  Biblioburro, Arma de Instruccion Masiva, and all librarians who breathe life into their students through books every day.

A million thank you’s to all of our supporters big and small could never be enough.